Should you worry if your dog eats dirt?

Dogs are mucky. They can get icky by swimming in puddles or sniffing anything they find. 

Some owners worry about the tendency to eat dirt like a four-course meal. It's a problem? Dogs eat dirt? Why? 

Your dog finds potting mix, flower pot soil, & woodland dirt irresistibly appetising. 

You may have seen it eating earth & wondered why. What makes dogs eat dirt? Do they munch because food tastes delicious, or is there another reason? 

Should dog owners prohibit their pets from devouring the garden? This dog guide explains why dogs eat dirt, what it indicates, & what to do if your dog does it often. 

No one knows why dogs like to eat mud and dirt. Experts have one theory for why this behaviour is so frequent, despite many observations and studies. 

It's not complete. Dental problems are the most common medical condition. A dog may lick its mouth excessively, chew things for no reason, have pale or cloudy gums, & like dirt. 

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