These Are The Signs That Your Partner Is Tired Of You Being Together

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The Most Obvious Indications That Your Partner Is Frustrated With You As a Couple, Therapists Say. 

In the beginning of every relationship, there is a phase known as the honeymoon. 

During this stage of the relationship, you are excited to hear every detail about your spouse's day. 

You get butterflies when your partner enters the room, & you arrange new & exciting dates each week. 

The euphoria, though, begins to wane after a few months—or even years.

In the case of some fortunate couples. It's possible that you'll experience boredom in your relationship on occasion. 

You may even wonder if your spouse goes through the same emotions. Does it describe you? 

Continue reading to see what therapists consider to be the most telling indicators. 

That your partner may be bored, as well as what you can do to reignite the spark in your relationship. 

You are the one who starts every conversation. According to Justin Lark, a therapist at The Ohana. 

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