Some Egg-Cooking Methods

How do you prepare eggs? Feel like a short-order cook? Eggs can be paired with cheese, bacon, ham, fruit, & veggies for a great breakfast. 

Egg cooking options are endless. We eat eggs at breakfast, but they're good anytime. 

Try these new egg recipes. Eggs have 6.3 grammes of protein, making them a good source of protein & amino acids. 

Yes, eating egg dishes for breakfast gives you energy for a busy day. 

Eggs' antioxidants may prevent cancer & heart disease. Some say eggs' high cholesterol is hazardous for cardiovascular health. 

Healthy adults can safely eat 1-2 eggs every day. If you have risk factors, eat four eggs a week. 

Eggs are inexpensive, easy, & little. They fill us up quickly & for longer. They enhance metabolism. Add fruits & veggies for a healthy, delicious, & beneficial snack. 

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