Some Gym Secrets You Should Know

You're undoubtedly excited to join a gym. It's reasonable if the Covid epidemic raised questions or doubts. 

Many organisations' cleanliness policies have come under scrutiny—& where do hundreds of people go to sweat, pant, & shower? 

Yeah. No wonder you're questioning the gym. Three fitness instructors & one researcher discuss behind-the-scenes gym procedures.

 When renewing your membership, you may want to ask a few questions to keep healthy, safe, & frugal. 

Some gyms expect you to skip. 50% of exercisers leave within six months, according to research. 

Summer gym crowds dwindle. Here's how to keep going: Slowly begin. Recognize that you're doing more by showing up. 

Quitters often push themselves too hard at initially & grow disheartened or discover the pattern is unsustainable. 

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