Some Strange Stress Symptoms

You may think you're stress-free. You don't have insomnia, a racing heart, headaches, or other stress symptoms. 

The American Institute of Stress says stress can cause less-known symptoms. 

Eight unusual signs you need to de-stress. Have you ever been so overwhelmed you napped? 

Stress-based fatigue is the body's attempt to shut down stress by resting. 32% of stress sufferers reported fatigue in a 2015 APA survey. 

Extreme fatigue takes three forms: Stress-based fatigue can be emotional, like after a heated argument with a friend, physical. 

Napping can be healthy, but if you snooze every time you're stressed, you may be using sleep as an unproductive crutch. 

If your fatigue feels like a symptom of mental distress, therapy may help. Otherwise, rest occasionally. 

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