Space access revolutionises everything

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Space is becoming more accessible & may soon no longer be a faraway frontier. 

Civilian space travel has made many advances in recent years. 

In 2021, a film crew visited the ISS, Blue Origin & Virgin Galactic made suborbital excursions, & the first uncrewed orbital mission was completed. 

The youngest & oldest astronauts were also minted, along with the first LGBTQ+ crew member. 

Some consider these achievements ultra-rich for hobbies. 

It's hardly the first time a unique method of transportation began as a hobby. 

Early aeroplanes were utilised by businesspeople & the military, says Derek Webber, director of Spaceport Associates. 

Air travel became prevalent as ticket prices dropped by three-quarters. 

Commercial aeroplanes transformed access on Earth, transporting medical & supplies to remote places & boosting international trade. 

Commercial spaceflight's future could revolutionise our lives. It helps us reinvent our place in the universe & our connections. 

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