Spending fear? Possible phobia

Some people fear spending money, & many worry about money. Most Americans worry about money. 

70% of Americans have debt, & 15% have negative net worth. 

This is usual for debtors. Chrometophobia or chrematophobia is an unnatural & persistent dread of money. 

Patients experience illogical cash worry. Patients dread mismanaging their money. 

As the cliché goes, money may make people evil. Chrometophobia is derived from Chrimata & Phobos. 

Chroma signifies colour in Greek, while Phobos represents terror. 

Ancient coins were gold, silver, copper, & bronze. Money concerns everyone. 

Most people feel tight & anxious during terrible circumstances. 

Some worry about money even when they have enough. If your money worry lasts six months or more, you may have a condition. 

Chrometophobia is often undiagnosed. Patients have excessive money worry. If you have the disease, you'll worry about bills, the budget, & anything that costs money.

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