Strength-training triceps exercises

Cycling requires strong legs & a stable core. Without a strong upper body, your rides could suffer. 

Alison Staples, coach at & Running in Howard County, Maryland, says arm strength conserves energy, supports posture, & prevents trunk rotation. 

Include triceps workouts in your strength-training routine to improve upper-body posture. 

Located on the rear of the upper arm, the triceps muscles provide a force that helps sustain your upper half. 

Staples believes they help stabilise the shoulder joint at the top of the humerus, which improves bike control & posture while you pedal. 

Your upper body routines should include triceps exercises as "accessory" moves for arm strength & cycling form. 

Below are four Staples-recommended triceps exercises. Choose 2 triceps exercises to add to your programme. 

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