July is the best month to plant flowers and vegetables.

Now that summer's hottest days are here, you may want to put away your gardening tools. False! In July, you can plant edibles and ornamentals to get a second harvest or brighten flower beds, containers, and planter boxes. As long as there's enough time before frost, you can plant edible seeds now. 

Now's the time to plant pumpkin seeds for baking, decorating, or carving. Even compact varieties need 6 to 8 square feet to grow. Water pumpkin seeds when flowers and fruits form.

1) Pumpkin

Portulaca, another name for these hardy low-growing succulents, can withstand both heat and drought. All summer until the first hard frost, they look stunning in hanging baskets or flower beds.

2) Moss Rose

Warm-weather tomatoes are still growing. Read plant tags: Some tomato varieties mature in 50 to 60 days, allowing you to harvest before frost in most climates.

3) Tomato

The vibrant shades of red, orange, white, salmon, and hot pink on these hardy annuals breathe new life into an old garden. You don't have to do much to keep zinnias blooming, as they're heat and drought-tolerant to a fault.

4) Zinnia

In cooler regions, plant spinach for fall. Plant in rows like spring. Lightly cover and water. Malabar spinach, a vine with edible leaves, can handle hot climates.

5) Greens

Pink, purple, and white annuals bloom in summer. Pentas attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. They brighten faded containers and landscapes.

6) Pentas

These hardy annuals bloom until a hard freeze. Marigolds look good in any garden setting and add colour to containers and beds.

7) Marigold

It's not too late for a second crop of beans—or a first crop if you've recently made garden space. Seeds germinate quickly in warm weather. Bush beans and pole beans, which climb a trellis or net, are prolific, so pick them often.

8) Beans

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