The Healthiest Dog Breeds According To Experts

Knowing a dog's joy won't last forever makes getting one bittersweet. Dog-lovers want long, healthy lives for their pets. Some breeds have better odds.

Poodles and Shih Tzus have 18-year life expectancies, double some breeds. Other dogs, like Dachshunds, have strict dietary and exercise needs to live long. Discover the healthiest dogs and why.

Poodles are disease-resistant.

Standard or toy poodles can live up to 18 years, according to the AKC. All three breed sizes have the same lean, proportional build; they have the muscular build of a ballerina and an athletic mindset.

Bichon Frises hate ear infections.

Bichons' fur makes them look unreal. The AKC says they're healthy. Teeth and ears need extra care to prevent infection, but that's it.

Responsible breeders can produce healthy Chihuahuas.

The Chihuahua is no exception to the rule that smaller dogs live longer. These 6-pound pups live 14-16 years. Chihuahua breeders are a major concern.

16-year-old Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs need just as much mental exercise as they do physical. These intelligent dogs are bursting with energy and have enough intelligence to outsmart their owners, so keeping them challenged is a must.

Adaptable Havanese

Havanese are adaptable and social. This extraverted breed's comical behaviour and lighthearted attitude can entertain a crowd. Even at 10 pounds, they take the watchdog role seriously.

Healthy Basenjis

Basenjis aren't popular, but it's not their fault. These independent, poised dogs don't bark. AKC tests can screen for Fanconi and Progressive retinal atrophy to reduce the breed's risk of getting them.

Siberian Huskies Live Longer Than You May Think

Siberian Huskies are smaller than Alaskan Malamutes despite their luscious coats. These 60-pound dogs have a 14-year lifespan.

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