The Inflation Reduction Act & Medicare Costs

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act IRA into law on Tuesday. 

The bill promises to fight the climate catastrophe, make taxes fairer, & decrease healthcare costs for millions of Americans. 

Medicare beneficiaries will profit most from the new law's healthcare provisions. 

But consumers who buy individual coverage will also save money. 

"The IRA's financial protections & structural enhancements will be lifesaving," claimed the Medicare Rights Center. 

"Medicare Rights' national helpline hears from older individuals & people with disabilities daily. 

They may forgo food or rent to complete a prescription "continued "IRAs help fewer people face impossible choices." 

Here are the IRA's key healthcare policy changes & how they may affect your bills. 

Medicare can now negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies, a much-discussed new option. 

Larry Levitt, executive vice president for health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, said the bill's healthcare measures are unusual.

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