The Psychedelics Industry's Future

Psychedelic drugs & counselling are fuelling conversations about potentially revolutionary mental health treatments. 

Given extensive clinical trials & regulatory challenges, scientists & business executives think the next five years will be essential for this burgeoning space. 

In a 2020 trial of people with depression, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers discovered that tiny doses of the psychedelic drug, paired with supportive psychotherapy. 

Bob Dagher, CMO of Florida-based Enveric Biosciences, which is researching psychedelic-inspired mental health treatments. 

Says the psychedelic field is in its infancy & has the potential to tackle numerous mental health challenges. 

Dagher believes Enveric Bioscience's engagement with the Hotchkiss Brain Institute is simply the beginning of the partnership between academics. 

The Biotech industry, & will assist highlight the potential benefits of these revolutionary medicines. 

MindBio Therapeutics just completed the first round of their LSD microdose therapy research, allowing participants to self-administer the drug at home. 

MindBio wants to improve mental health care & prevent suicide. 

The company's Phase 1 clinical trials investigate psychedelics to identify better depression remedies. 

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