There are now available new booster shots

Booster shots against COVID-19 are on their way to residents of New Mexico. 

According to representatives from many health agencies, this might be the case going ahead. 

The omicron variety of COVID-19 is the intended target for this brand new booster shot's design. 

KOAT inquired about the process with the New Mexico Department of Health as well as one of our local hospitals in order to learn when the vaccinations will begin. 

Lovelace Health Systems has appointed Dr. Vesta Sandoval to the position of chief medical officer. 

"It is quite encouraging to see that they have been successful in moving this ahead. Because our orders should arrive within the next week, we should not have to wait much longer for this. 

In order to make this vaccination effective against new strains of the virus, the researchers modified a small portion of the messenger RNA that was used "Dr. Sandoval stated. 

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