These are the breeds of dogs that rarely bark.

A noisy, anxious, or aggressive dog's bark can be worse than its bite. Many wonderful dogs are quiet, making them good for families who need a calm environment, apartment living, or homes that favour serenity.

Quietest dog breeds

Images of the cirneco can be found on coins from 500 B.C. The dog hunts rabbits and birds well. A Sicilian aristocrat saved the breed in the 1930s.

Cirneco dell’etna

Glen of Imaal terriers are quiet workers from Ireland. The terrier hunted badgers and fox and, according to legend, turned meat spits over open fires.

Glen of Imaal terrier

Curly-coated, webbed-footed Irish water spaniels are strong swimmers. It's a waterfowl retriever. It barks to warn.

Irish water spaniel

Scottish deerhounds are tall. Ancient breed designed to hunt giant red deer in Scottish Highlands. Historically, no one below an earl could own one.

Scottish deerhound

Dutch Masters' 17th-century paintings depict white and red Nederlandse kooikerhondjes with black ear tips and feathered tails. The dogs were bred to respond to silent hand signals to lure ducks into traps.

Nederlandse kooikerhondje

The shaggy berger picard is a French herding breed from the 9th century. It's rare and nearly died out during World Wars I and II in Picardy, France.

Berger picard

The Clumber spaniel's long, low-slung build helps it flush out birds through thick brush. The Duke of Newcastle named the breed for his estate, Clumber Park, in the late 1700s. George V, Queen Elizabeth II's grandfather, bred the dogs.

Clumber spaniel

The Boerboel descends from dogs used by South African Boers to guard their homesteads in the 17th century. The dog's dark skin protects it from the sun and heat of its homeland.


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