These smoothies can help you lose weight

Smoothies are an easy & tasty breakfast. You can combine whatever ingredients you have on hand. Plus, you can personalise them to your needs. 

Strawberry banana smoothie, duh. This recipe uses Greek yoghurt & milk for a dreamsicle-like texture. Yum!

Strawberry-banana smoothie

This smoothie tastes like sherbet. Blend oranges, orange zest, vanilla, & coconut milk.

Creamsicle smoothie

This smoothie is gorgeous. Strawberry, mango, oranges, & more are in the blushing mango breakfast smoothie.

Mango breakfast smoothie

This delightful morning smoothie has mango & banana to mitigate the bitterness of the greens.

Green smoothie

Mango-lover? You need this smoothie. This smoothie has a wonderful bite to its incredibly sweet taste thanks to two entire mangos, an apple, an orange, bottle of mango kombucha.

Smoothie Mango Madness

This smoothie has fresh cherries, dates, coconut milk, & cocoa powder. Breakfast dessert? Thanks.

Choco-cherry smoothie

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