These workouts make cardio boring

If you've done group workout courses in the previous decade, you've probably encountered HIIT. 

This four-letter phrase encompasses boxing, strength training, rowing, jogging, & hybrid workouts. 

You may be confused about what HIIT is & why the workouts are so popular. 

Before your next gym session, read about HIIT. High-intensity interval training HIIT which makes one of the most popular phrases used to describe it, "HIIT training," totally redundant. 

HIIT isn't only jogging or weightlifting. HIIT is a framework that trainers can use to construct varied routines based on equipment, participant experience, time, & difficulty. 

HIIT workouts consist of short bursts of intensive work followed by rest or active recovery. 

For HIIT to be effective, participants should work near or at peak effort during intervals & back off during breaks. Some trainees employ HIIT as the cardio component of their workouts instead of LISS like long runs or cycling. 

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