Things You Shouldn't Keep on Your Kitchen Countertop

Most Americans (60%) listed congested counter space as their main source of kitchen stress in a 2018 survey from MasterBrand Cabinets. 

Too often, kitchen counters become a dumping ground for random items, which clutters them quickly.

There are also many kitchen products you shouldn't keep out.

Toasters, blenders, mixers, & other culinary gadgets may appear natural for your kitchen counter.

If you just use them sometimes, they shouldn't take up counter space. 

More than half of study respondents stated appliances caused their counter clutter.

If you don't use it daily (or when you cook), it shouldn't be on your counter. These 12 kitchen storage solutions can help you put stuff away. 

Stacks of papers are the second most common cause of clutter-related stress. It's easier to toss daily papers on the counter than to read & sort them. 

Magazines, newspapers, junk mail, & bills pile up quickly. Papers in the kitchen aren't just unsightly.

Stephanie Cooper of Energy Cleaning warns that damp papers, especially magazines, can transfer ink to countertops. 

As with appliances, you don't need fine china & plates on your counter.