To get in shape, you need to walk 

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Although it might not appear to be the most effective form of exercise that is available. 

Those who are knowledgeable in the field believe that it can assist with a variety of health issues. 

Including weight loss, mental health, & more. Even just a few thousand steps each day can burn hundreds of calories. 

And it is simple to make minor adjustments to your routine in order to achieve your weight loss goals. 

Walking "absolutely can" be beneficial to weight loss, as stated by Cedric Bryant, Ph.D., president & chief science officer of the American Council on Exercise.

According to Bryant, who is an expert on weight loss, "It is an aerobic workout with minimal impact that helps folks to expend energy & burn calories,therefore it can surely help with weight loss." 

Walking is often recommended as a type of exercise because of how easy it is to do & how readily available it is. 

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