Toss expired foods

When organising the cupboard & fridge, we've all encountered this. 

We sort through food & packaging & notice the expiration date has passed. Yikes! Should you toss it out even if it seems fine? Depending. 

United States Many items are safe to eat after their best-by & sell-by dates pass, says the U.S. 

The FDA doesn't control these dates, so they're mostly used to assess when food tastes best. If the food hasn't spoiled, you can consume it. 

Meat & other dairy items have stricter expiration dates. If you don't want to risk an extra ill day, throw the other foods on this list after their expiration dates. 

Learn how long milk lasts after the sell-by date, if expired eggs are safe to eat, & how long cooked meat lasts in the fridge to prevent food waste. 

Full cartons of eggs have more time than boxed eggs, although both should be eaten quickly. Don't eat those two-week-old whites. 

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