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It's hard to imagine celebrities with poor personal hygiene when they look flawless on the red carpet. Behind the scenes, many stars aren't perfect. Many stink—literally.

Katy Perry criticised Orlando Bloom's hygiene during Hollywood's bathing debate. The singer said of Bloom on the UK radio show 'Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston & Amanda Holden' on Jan 17."


Lizzo posted on Instagram on August 20, 2021: "Matthew McConaughey quit deodorant 35 years ago. “Ok… We agree. I quit deodorant & smell better.”

McConaughey, Lizzo

On August 1, 2021, the 'Frozen' star shared footage of husband Dax Shepard questioning her about used toilet paper on the toilet seat. She laughs & says, "It was dark in here." 


Ellen DeGeneres asked the star about a viral Twitter poll about leg-washing. Swift replied, "Because shaving cream is like soap, right?" Wrong! She shocked fans by shaving daily.


DiCaprio is eco-friendly. He showers once or twice a week to conserve water. He quit deodorant.


A reporter said the singer smelled like a 12-year-bedroom. old's Childhood friends say Aguilera smells like hot dogs.


According to her former roommate, the actress waxed her bikini line on the couch before auditions. Alec Baldwin and Jason Bateman say she has coffee breath.


Many passengers complained about the singer's smell when she took off her shoes during a flight, so a flight attendant asked her to put them back on.

Spears Britney

Another celebrity without deodorant. Her former bodyguard says she wouldn't shower for days.


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