Ways to move more

Office workers don't get enough exercise. Even if you enjoy the gym, it's not always practical to go.

Walk daily

Short daily walks boost cardiovascular and mental health. Schedule a 15-minute stroll to clear your thoughts, get some fresh air, and move your body.

Buy a standing desk

A standing desk can help you sit less during the workday. Adjustable standing desks let you stand for a few hours then seat to focus or rest.

Plan a dance party

An unplanned dancing session can boost endorphins & blood flow. Dance like nobody's watching to your favourite peppy tune.

Desk-based workout

There are lots of methods to move at work, from stretches to under-desk treadmills. Use desk as a balance to achieve deep back stretches, or take a lengthy walk around the building.

Don't drive, walk

Leave the car in the garage and walk to nearby errands. Bring a pushcart if you have heavy groceries, or plan to stroll and enjoy the fresh air as you shop.

Weekly kid nature walks

Spring is a terrific time to get outside and move more. Plan a weekend nature stroll in a park or your garden, identifying plants & fauna along the way.

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