When you were born, what fast food was popular?

When you were born, what fast-food favourites did your parents enjoy? Or what your babysitter snacked on?

Taco Bell's Bell Beefer (1970s) & McDonald's Pizza (1980s) were more interesting than today's food.

In 1940, in Joliet, Illinois, America's favourite soft-serve ice-cream chain opened. By 1946, Dairy started offering thick milkshake under moniker "Blizzard" & had approximately 100 franchised. 

1946: Dairy Queen soft serve, milkshakes

White Castle's square sliders were a 1940s fast-food classic. Customers bought sacksful for 10c (7p). In 1947, the business added five tiny holes to the patty to increase flavour & cooking time.

1947: White Castle's original slider

This iconic fast-food franchise started as a soda fountain and ice-cream shop. Its silky, smooth ice cream came in 28 varieties, including black raspberry, peanut brittle, & peach.

1948: Howard Johnson's Ice Cream

McDonald's twiggy fries are famous, but they weren't always this way. In 1949, the restaurant switched from serving potato chips to stick-thin French fries.

French Fries, McDonald's

Dunkin' Donuts began in 1950. Before, it was Open Kettle. Quincy, Massachusetts, had 100 stores by 1965.

1950: Dunkin' Donuts

Howard Johnson's also served "sweet as a nut" fried clams. The bicoastal chain had an exclusive contract with The Soffron Brothers Clam Company from Ipswich,

Howard Johnson's tendersweet fried clams

When Denny's initially debuted in 1953, it wasn't called Denny's. Danny's Donuts was open 24/7. The chain's restaurants are still open 24/7, but they serve a much larger menu.

Danny's Donuts

In 1954, Burger King began in Miami, Florida, as Insta-Burger King, named after its Insta-Broiler. Burger King's grilled burgers were popular. A few years later, the apparatus was updated to a flame-broiler.

1974: Insta-Burger King

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