Which oats are the best?

Rolled, steel-cut, quick, flavoured, & unflavored oats abound. Do you know the difference & which is ideal for diet & recipes? 

This article explains oats & provides nutritious dishes using them. 

Quick, Steel-cut, & Rolled Oats: Oats for all purposes! Oats are a culinary staple for most Americans. 

It's a versatile component that can be utilised in salty & sweet dishes. Did you know that some types of oats are healthier than others? 

Different varieties work in different recipes. How & why? How they're made distinguishes rolled, steel-cut, & quick oats. 

All types start as whole oats (groats), from which the hull is peeled, leaving the bran, endosperm, & germ. 

Oats are steel-cut, rolled, or processed into quick oats (which is a sub-type of rolled oats). The degree to which these distinct types oats are treated determines their nutritional characteristics. 

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