Why do we eat unhealthy foods?

Lactose-intolerant. I should watch my cholesterol. But neither of those things stops me from eating cheese or ice cream. 

While I eat, I know my decisions won't help me afterwards. Afterward, I feel bad. 

The cycle continues.Why do I do it? I swear I'll quit. I say, "No more cheese." I'll avoid sugar. 

Despite my restraints, I still want what I "shouldn't" have - sometimes more. I'm not alone here. 

When I asked about this decision-making process on Twitter, several users explained how they eat foods they should avoid. 

Zach Honig indulges in red wine, fatty cuisine, & beer despite being gout-prone. "I get gout occasionally," he explains. 

Red wine, beer, & rich foods are gout triggers for me. I have gout occasionally. Victoria M. Walker likes dairy. @ACHolliday_ said they had cysts & shouldn't drink coffee, but do because it's "comforting." 

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