Nifty national animals from around the world

Countries are known for unique foods and flowers. Whether it's the country's work or the world's, certain beautiful objects easily represent the wonderful places they come from.

The fennec fox, native to North Africa and the Sahara, has ears larger than its head and is Algeria's national animal.

Algeria - Fennec fox

The giraffe is Tanzania's national animal. The tallest mammal uses its long neck to reach treetop vegetation.

Tanzania - Giraffe

The bald eagle is the country's national bird, but it's not the only one. The American bison, an elegant and fearsome bovine that once ruled North American plains, is the national mammal.

USA - American bison

Tunki, an Andean bird, lives in the cloud forests of the Andes. Male tunkis can be identified by the crest on their heads.

Peru - Tunki

Honduras' national bird is the scarlet macaw, which looks like it's made of neon and crayon. Their bright colours seem counterproductive to hiding and surviving in their native rain forest habitats, but they help with disruptive coloration. Macaw flocks can confuse and disorient predators with their bright, jarring feathers.

Honduras - Scarlet macaw

These beautiful tree-dwelling herbivores have been a part of the Northern European ecosystem for hundreds of thousands of years. It's also Denmark's national animal.

Denmark - Red squirrel

The North American beaver is Canada's national animal. Fossil evidence suggests that the North American beaver crossed the Bering Strait land bridge from Eurasia to North America.

Beaver (Canada)

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