Worst Tippers Waiters, bartenders, & baristas

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You work hard for your money, so you expect exceptional treatment at restaurants, bars, & coffee shops. 

Waiters, bartenders, & baristas working for you work hard to deserve a decent tip. 

The Emily Post Institute recommends tipping 15%-20% for sit-down service. 

Bartenders should get $1-$2 each drink or 15%-20% of the tab. 

The Emily Post Institute advocates tipping if your server or barista does something extra or if you're a regular. 

Monique Soltani, a former bartender and server who now hosts "Wine Oh TV," has experienced many terrible tippers. 

Some of the most aggravating infractions include not tipping on wine, tax, tripling tax to calculate tip. 

Not tipping on the full bill after an item is discounted or comped. 

“When someone orders a $50 or $500 bottle of wine, the waiter dedicates time & energy to picking, opening, serving, & pouring the wine tableside,” she added. 

"Wine orders get special treatment." She advised tipping your server for their hard work. 

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